Two entry-level cars are finding their ways into the hearts and driveways of South African motorists. They are the Renault Kwid and the Datsun Go. Both are affordable cars. However, when the time comes to sell, which will achieve the better resale value at auctions.

The answer is the Renault Kwid. According to Darryl Jacobson, managing director of True Price, it beats the Datsun Go by a substantial margin. “This is an extremely important factor to consider prior to signing on the dotted line. It could make a big financial difference when the time comes to sell. One should always consider depreciation before buying a new car,” he warns.

Jacobson explains. “Using the data gathered on bank repossession auctions, we are able to generate a statistically valid resale figure. It is expressed as a percentage of the original retail sales price,” he says.”